An enormous battleaxe is pretty cool. The sense of the awesomeness of the best battle axes in Skyrim remains gargantuan. Despite Warhammer power, battleaxes are more intimidating due to their blunt force and sharp cutting abilities. Using the right battleaxes will allow you to achieve such epicness fully.

Battleaxes provide satisfying combat experiences, are strong, and look fabulous. A few are better than others, so a list of the best is below.

What are the Top 10 Best Battle Axes in Skyrim?

Here are the top 10 battle axes in Skyrim that you’ll need to check out.

10. Elven Battleaxe


Damage: 21

You can make excellent weapons with elven battleaxes, one of the first decent battleaxes you can obtain as a Dragonborn. The battleaxes higher on the list should be equipped, upgraded, and enchanted as soon as possible.

The way to get it: The way to get it: A level 19 merchant can sell the item or loot it from defeated enemies.

Check out this video.

9. Drainblood


Damage: 21

The ghostly appearance of this battleaxe makes it understandable why most players avoid it. As powerful as the Elven Battleaxe, even though it has the same base damage. This weapon has unlimited charges and a calm enchantment that absorbs 15 health points when struck. The base damage output of this weapon is 35, so why is it ranked ninth?

There’s something wrong with its appearance. A tedious process can also be involved in obtaining it. You will also find upgrading challenging once you reach a decent level.

The way to get it: This item can only be obtained through the Staff of Magnus quest in Labyrinthian. Here’s a video you can check out!

8. Glass Battleaxe


Damage: 22

It would be nice if I didn’t run into weapons that dealt more damage before I could use this battleaxe for a long time. Next on my list is the glass battleaxe, which I consider a step above the elven counterpart. The damage dealt by this weapon is slightly higher than the damage dealt by your elven battleaxe, so you should discard it as soon as possible.

The way to get it: You can find glass weapons and armor as loot or buy them in shops once you reach level 27. Here’s a video you can check.

7. Ebony Battleaxe


Damage: 23

Compared to glass battleaxes, ebony battleaxes do more damage and look darker. There is very little difference between the two in terms of encumbrance.

The way to get it: After reaching level 36, you can obtain it as loot or in shops. You can check out this video.

6. Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls


Damage: 18

The player can make their early travels much easier with this product. It’s beneficial for new save games, easy to acquire, and valuable for new save games. Yes, steel weapons have low base damage. If the enemy dies while the enchantment is active, extra fire damage will be dealt with. The steel ingots, which are extremely easy to obtain, can be used to upgrade your smithing skills.

The way to get it: Ironbind Barrow has a spoiler behind the throne. Check out this video to find more information.

5. Stalhrim Battleaxe


Damage: 24

This weapon has more significant damage and the same weight as an ebony battleaxe. The power of Stalhrim exceeds its appearance, without a doubt. Frozen battleaxes have a slight power boost when enchanted.

The way to get it: Dragonborn DLC is the only way to obtain all Stalhrim items (including this weapon).

4. Rueful Axe


Damage: 22

Rueful Axe is another best battle axes in Skyrim. This is an epic weapon.

The creators of Skyrim have created a world filled with extraordinary weapons. There are times when you have to admire them. Rueful Axe boasts formidable combat abilities as well as unique aesthetics. Despite its decent enchantment and decent base damage, it deals 20 more stamina damage. Decapitating your opponents is easy with this method.

How to get it: You can obtain this item by killing Barbas during A Daedra’s Best Friend. Here’s how you can get it.

3. Wuuthrad


Damage: 25

The enchantment of Wuuthrad doesn’t play a significant role in this list. Elves are the only ones affected by it.

The battleaxe’s other attributes, however, make it a top choice. As one of Skyrim’s most deadly unique battleaxes, it has one of the highest base damage values. Due to Wuuthrad’s high level, he has significant damage, a special appearance, and a half-decent enchantment.

The way to get it: The player receives this item after completing the Glory of the Dead quest (spoiler). Check out this video to find out more information.

2. Daedric Battleaxe


Damage: 25

There can be no doubt about the size of this beast. A battleaxe like this would be ideal if NPCs possessed human emotions since they would flee upon seeing it.

Regardless of how much you compensate for your small manhood, NPCs will always try to fight you. Compared to the daedric battleaxe, Wuuthrad has a much lower base damage and weight. The weapon can be upgraded, but Wuuthrad cannot. The second most damaging battleaxe in Skyrim is thus this one!

The way to get it: Once you reach level 35, you can obtain one!

1. Dragonbone Battleaxe


Damage: 26

The daedric battleaxe is the most powerful weapon if you only have the base version of Skyrim. You won’t need to look elsewhere for your cleaving needs if you have the DLCs installed like 99% of Skyrim players. Although this weapon is heavy, its damage more than compensates. You can chop anything from chickens to giants. Dragonbone battleaxes are not to be missed!

How to get it: You’ll need the Dawnguard DLC Checks this video to find this location.


So those are the ten best battleaxes currently available in Skyrim.

Have you used any of these weapons? How did they fare for you? As always, feel free to share your experiences and stories in the comments section below or you can contact me. And be sure to come back soon for more top 10 for Skyrim lists here at Mytoptens!


The fastest-swinging swords deal minor damage, the slowest-swinging maces deal the most damage, and the medium-swinging axes do the most damage. Feel free to choose whatever fits your character best.

As a weapon, axes do not swing as fast as swords or deal as much damage as maces. However, their bleeding injury is among the most powerful, and stacking other damage over time is the best way to maximize its effectiveness.

The Auriel’s Bow is, therefore, the most potent weapon in Skyrim, which is no surprise. With 13 points of damage and 20 points of sun damage stacked on top, this bow deals 33 points of damage and has a faster firing rate than the average bow, which was once wielded by the Elven god Auri-El himself.

With a swing speed of 0.7 seconds, the fastest physical weapon is the dagger—a sword swings in one second, and any other weapon swings in more than one second. A novice-level elemental spell can be cast instantly if it is counted as a weapon.

In terms of damage, an axe does two more damage than a sword. Suppose a diamond sword does seven damage and an axe does 9. You have to wait a bit longer for the cooldown to end to get the maximum damage.

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