Even though Octane lacks a game-changing kit, his personality and skills make him a great legend in Apex Legends. Laughable is his sprint animations with movement boosts. Since he has become so popular, you may have already seen him many times in Apex Legends. If you’re looking for the best octane skins in apex legends, you’re on the right track.

Octane may have some fun skins, but it’s not all fun and games. The developers have done a great job creating various themes and character models.

What are the Best Octane Skins in Apex Legends?

Here are my top ten Octane skin picks. You must look epic when playing Octane so your opponent can’t miss you!

10. Ornamental Nature


The style of Ornamental Nature is more urban than the typical darker green and black camouflage. The colors you see in urban areas aren’t black, gray, or white. Don’t be afraid to embrace the military style!

9. Bloodline


We then have Bloodline, which is more aggressive and threatening. Aside from the simple red and black color scheme, this skin has many other features. It has a camo-splatter pattern that contrasts with black since Octane is designed to push to its limits, go fast, and be a bit of a daredevil.

It should give your opponent pause to see his bloody red skin when he’s running so fast.

8. Racing Stripes


Our third skin, Racing Stripes, reflects Octanes’ speedy personality. The shirt has a zebra-like pattern, as suggested by its name.

He would look like a striped blur of black and white if more lines covered his gear while speeding across the terrain.

7. Neural Net


After the Top Ten list, we’ll move on to the more animated and lively skins. This leads to the first appearance of the Neural Net!

The darker blue color and wave-like animation give this skin a more dominant look than the others.

This one might catch your eye, but I’m not sure what else will!

6. Circuit Breaker


The next one might be of interest to techies: Circuit Breaker.

It resembles a circuit on a lighter blue background on a black background.

Including Octanes’ bionic legs, Octanes’ gear is full of bionics. Even though it won’t be as flashy as its name suggests, you’ll undoubtedly look good while doing some damage.

5. Hack the System


The sixth skin appeals to those tech-heads out there, as it hacked into this list. Another animation is featured in Hack the System, but it’s different. Green circles take two different directions as the animation progresses.

A green circle moves diagonally upward after blinking, while a green process moves downward after flashing into view. The skin is the most life out of all the skins.

4. Fiber Optics


Fiber Optics is the final technological theme. It features the same circuitry pattern and light blue color as its predecessor, Circuit Breaker. In Fiber Optics, there is also animation, so they part ways here. It is one of the best octane skins in apex legends when comes in apex legends.

Its animation fades in and out during its cascade down Octane completely. The product is not only a one-trick pony but also multi-faceted.

3. Gold Rush


Here are the final three skins on the list, with Gold Rush coming in third. Even though Gold Rush reminds me of the Gold Rush in the U.S., it has nothing to do with it. That’s right, exactly! Motorcross and dirt bikes are reminiscent of the look!

Like the traditional riding gear for Dirt Bikers, this jacket has some golden chrome on one side and black and gray on the other. A counterpart to Octanes embodies the speed freak mentality and has a different color scheme.

2. Speed Demon


If you love demonic-looking characters, these two are for you, my dear friends! Speed Demon, however, proves that Hell is powerful! Speed Demon has no animations, but its demonic armor and mask make up for it.

Blue shows where the “skin” is on this mask, while a sadistic grin shows its fangs. A chrome spike/horn is in the middle of the mask top; the armor is futuristic rather than samurai; the mask covers the forehead.

It is primarily made of dark blue armor with some chrome spliced in. Like a bionic demon warrior, he is covered in cartridges and tubes. This is the scariest skin I’ve ever seen.

1. El Diablo


In addition to Speed Demon, El Diablo is a force to be reckoned with. It is legendary octane skin in apex legend.

The armor of Speed Demons is black and white, while the mask has a different color scheme. Besides the color, the show is exactly like the old Japanese Oni masks, with a white top half, horns at the forehead, blood-red bottom half, and a grin that looks like it’s about to strike havoc. I love this skin because it strikes terror into your enemies’ hearts…and it’s fantastic! 


Even though Octane is quickly becoming a fan favorite in Apex Legends, some players still have yet to try him out.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush and love being entertained, then Octane is the Legend for you. With his fast-paced antics and hilarious movements, you’ll be sure to stand out from the rest of the pack – no matter which skin you choose. Before we go, don’t forget to contact me or tell me in the comment below what your favorite Octane skin in Apex Legend is!

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In Apex Legends, Messenger is one of the rarest skins for Octane. Despite its rare status, this skin still looks good. The colors are muted, but it’s a nice change from Octane’s base colors.

Octane is a male with a 24-year-old age, and he is from Psamathe, one of his homeworlds.

There have been two weapons in the game since the game was created: R-301 and Wingman. Despite multiple balancing changes, this weapon combo remains one of the most famous battle royale combos for Apex Legends Season 12 and suits Octane’s playstyle.

In Apex Legends, Octane and his team can jump, thanks to his jump pad upward, but he may not have thought of it on his own. Octane had a bunny called Navi as a child. According to an Apex writer, Octane’s Bunny inspired the ultimate – at least in the game universe. 

In promotional artwork, Octane’s tattoo says “Plus Ultra” or is stylized as “Plus Ultra,” depending on who is doing it.

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