Normal monsters, a long-forgotten breed of Yugioh cards, have long been forgotten by players. This makes sense since they don’t contain any effects that would allow s1ck play. Normal monsters have excellent ATK/DEF stats, especially at lower levels. These cards take us back to Yugioh’s bygone era of dueling. It’s a duel. The following are the 10 best normal monsters in Yugioh, which may pique your interest.

So, What are the Best Normal Monsters in Yugioh

Here are the best normal monsters in Yugioh that you can follow.

10. Vorse Raider


For the first time, we encountered this card during Seto Kaiba’s monster zone raid. Considering Vorse Raider’s high ATK and DEF stats, he is a good choice for low-level monsters. Even though his type isn’t appropriate for all decks, he’s worth considering if you can use him.

9. Flamvell Guard


The Flamvell Guard is easily the best level 4 or lower defensive monster despite several monsters with high DEF stats. His level 1 status and tuner status enable him to be synchro summoned if needed. Using this card, for example, may benefit a dragon deck.

8. Alexandrite Dragon


Phantom Gryphon and Gene-Warped Warwolf are two early level 4 monsters with 2000 ATK. Due to its cool art, ability to fit into dragon-type decks, and Light attribute, Alexandrite Dragon was chosen. A deck based on normal monsters must have at least one level 4 monster with 2000 ATK.

7. Frostosaurus


Although it has the highest ATK stat among all normal monsters at levels 5 and 6, it may not prove useful to most players. Due to its 2600 attack power, this monster is capable of taking out many Synchro/XYZ monsters. It doesn’t matter how many monsters you have in your deck, Frostosaurus can help.

6. Neo Aqua Madoor


Due to its high DEF and ease of summoning, Neo Aqua Madoor is the best choice for normal monsters. Millennium Shield and Labyrinth Wall cannot match its 3000 DEF and 1200 ATK. It is not possible to place Neo Aqua Madoor on a deck due to its Water attribute.

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5. Angel Trumpeter


The tuner version of Vorse Raider summons a synchro monster in addition to the usual stats. When it comes to monsters at level 4 or below, Angel Trumpeter is unmatched. In my normal monster deck, I’ll include three of these cards!

4. Dragon Core Hexer


Due to its weak ATK/DEF stats, you might wonder why this card is ranked #4. There is a monster at level 8 called the Dragon Core Hexer that is also a tuner monster.

If this card had the Light attribute, it would certainly be more useful. With just one other low-level monster, it can summon a boss Synchro monster. Due to its incredible artwork, it’s no doubt one of the coolest dragon-type monsters in the game.

3. Gogiga Gagagigo


There is no question that this card is one of the best in Yugioh’s history when it comes to normal monster stats. The high ATK/DEF stats of Gogiga Gagagigo make it a beast in battle. Despite having quite a bit of support for water monsters, its reptile nature prevents it from being used in water decks. Even though it has obvious flaws, this card deserves recognition!

2. Phantasm Spiral Dragon


On this list, the most powerful monster is the Phantasm Spiral Dragon. The power of this card increases when you build a deck around it. This card performs well both in attack and defense situations. The support cards for the Phantasm Spiral Dragon make summoning it incredibly simple.

1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon


A monster cannot match the power and nostalgia of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Although it has a lower combination of ATK/DEF stats than any other normal monster, it has a higher ATK stat. This monster has the same level and ATK stat as Konami’s standard monsters. Yugioh fans around the world still hold a special place in their hearts for Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


In the end, these are just some of the best Normal monsters in Yugioh. Of course, there are other great ones out there that didn’t make this list. It’s a shame that Normal monsters don’t get as much love as they used to because they offer a sense of nostalgia for the old-school players.

If you have any suggestions for other underrated Normal monsters or want to talk about this article, feel free to contact me or tell me in the comment section below!


Generally, the easiest way to summon a monster is to play a Monster Card from your hand in the attack position on the field. In this way, you can Summon all Normal Monsters, as well as most Effect Monsters (unless they have a specific restriction).

With more Monster cards in the Warrior Type than in any other Type, it’s no wonder it’s the best.

A Level 4 monster with 2000 ATK and negative effects, Meklord Emperor Wisel has among the highest DEF and ATK, but it is difficult to summon. Gigantic Kozaky has 2000 ATK and one of the highest DEF; however, he is difficult to summon.

Often, it’s good to have five Normal Summons in your deck if you want to go first, but only four if you want to go second.

A little-known Spellcaster called Dark Magician, Yugi’s strongest monster was easily defeated by the far more powerful Blue Eyes White Dragon in the very first episode of the anime.

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