Most of the time, Skyrim automatically equips whatever arrow it feels like, making it nearly impossible to use the right arrow. You could do significantly more damage than you currently are if you use the wrong arrows during that boss fight.

As there is no difference in weight between arrows, you should pick up as many as you can. Keep track of your auto-equipment to avoid problems. Make sure you equip the best arrows in Skyrim listed below!

So, What are the Best Arrows in Skyrim?

Here’s a list of the best Skyrim arrows that you can use:

10. Orcish Arrow


If you have never tried archery before, you should begin with Orcish Arrows. It is extremely easy to obtain them, and their damage is high. Shops throughout Skyrim sell gold for a few dollars when you are at a low level.

Damage: 12

How you’ll get it: Once you reach level 6, you can find arrows as loot or buy them from merchants.

9. Nordic Arrow


It is a good idea to use Nordic Arrows early in the game because of their increased damage. Because they cannot be bought or looted, crafting them becomes expensive. The more Nordic Arrows you craft, the higher your Smithing skill will be.

Damage: 14

How you’ll get it: If Dawnguard DLC is installed, these arrows can be crafted in Blacksmith Forges.

8. Dwarven Arrow


Because dwarven arrows are somewhat exclusive, they are abundant in and around dwarven ruins. These arrows do not appear to have a level requirement, so be sure to collect them right away!

Damage: 14

How you’ll get it: The easiest way to obtain these arrows is by looting dwarven ruins or buying them from merchants.

7. Elven Arrow


Even though Elven Arrows are rare, their damage is quite significant. There is no reliable source where you can obtain copious amounts of them, so keep your eyes open for them. In preparation for your next entry, hoard these arrows.

Damage: 16

How you’ll get it: Merchants sell these arrows (rarely and in limited supplies) around level 15 (rarely and in limited supply).

6. Sunshallowed Elven Arrow


Alternatively, you can return to him to enchant normal Elven Arrows.

Although it’s a pretty niche arrow, it’s much stronger than anything else we’ve discussed so far. Sunshallowed Elven Arrows fired from Auriel’s Bow will deal massive damage to nearby enemies. It was necessary to include one unique entry on the list, and I think it was the right choice!

Damage: 16

How you’ll get it: Knight-Paladin Gelebor can be found in the quest Touching the Sky to obtain these arrows.

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5. Stalhrim Arrow


Since they do not require a specific level to unlock, these arrows are surprisingly easy to use. This will certainly increase your early viability if you don’t want to avoid Dragonborn.

Damage: 20

How you’ll get it: This type of arrow can be crafted after completing the A New Source of Stalhrim quest.

4. Glass Arrow


Before you can collect these arrows, you’ll need to complete a few high-level quests. The Glass Arrows are worth the wait since they hit like a truck.

Damage: 18

How you’ll get it: These arrows can be found as loot or purchased from merchants once you reach level 25.

3. Ebony Arrow


There is no doubt that ebony equipment is incredible, and the arrow variant continues this trend. With ebony bows that are capable of delivering high damage, you can demolish your opponents with each shot.

Damage: 20

How you’ll get it: At level 40, you can find these arrows as loot, or you can buy them from merchants.

2. Daedric Arrow


The number of Daedric Arrows is very limited, which is understandable. You must have a scarce rarity to justify such high damage. Based on their base damage and fairly reasonable crafting requirements, Daedric Arrows deserve to be ranked first.

Damage: 24

How you’ll get it: You can loot these arrows from merchants once you reach a high level.

1. Dragonbone Arrow


The damage output of Dragonbone Arrows is unmatched in the game. It takes a lot of grinding and resources to obtain enough arrows for battle when you reach Smithing level 100. Even though the damage is immense, this entry takes the top spot because of its sheer magnitude!

Damage: 25

How you’ll get it: If you have a Smithing level of 100, you can craft them at the Blacksmith’s forge in Dawnguard DLC.


I hope this guide helped you on your journey in Skyrim. From here, I would recommend that you keep track of your auto-equipment to avoid any problems down the line. Also, make sure to equip the best arrows in Skyrim for maximum damage! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!


Basically, as long as you upgrade your Bow and Smith it properly, all the Arrows really do is carry the Bow’s damage to the enemy. Despite the fact that your Bow does 150 to 250 damage, it really doesn’t matter that your Arrow does hardly more than ten or twenty points of difference between strong Arrows and weak Arrows.

Those who are Bosmer or Light Armor owners are the best at archery in Skyrim. They have the highest Archery bonus right off the bat (Sneak, Light Armor, and Lockpicking are also helpful).

In Skyrim, Dragonbone Arrows are the strongest ammo type, dealing 25 base damage rather than other arrows. However, you have to achieve dragonbones by defeating dragons in order to craft them.

As a world-leading arrow, the Arrow of Weakness reduces enemy attack power by -4 attack damage per tier. The first tier lasts for 11 seconds and the second tier lasts for 30 seconds.

The Infinity command does not affect tipped arrows or spectral arrows; they are still consumed as usual. A crossbow still consumes arrows after adding the Infinity command.

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